Lila in the Lens 2

Here we go again with the second instalment of my Lila in the Lens experiment. Would you believe that I had trouble narrowing this shoot down to four photos?  And not because I didn't like them either!

I can't even begin to cover how easy having the loan Olympus OM-D E-M10 has made this project.  Being able to make it "talk" to my iPhone through wifi and not only use my phone as a shutter release but to see and control the shot through the phone screen, so much FUN!

I decided to blow the light out in these shots for a little drama and even if you don't normally use manual settings on the camera this one makes it easy, because you can play back your shots and tweak your settings right from the remote.  I really can see the O-MD E-M10 taking over the blogger/photographer world, especially for all those gorgeous fashion bloggers.

I may or may not have considered sending back a vial of tears with the camera when it has to go so Olympus know giving it back is breaking my heart!

Anyway, in all honesty the ease of use has really made hopping in front of the camera a fun exercise for me and if I had the capital for it I would definitely be doing some regular outfit and self care posts.  I feel that putting myself in the front of the camera has definitely been a boost in my confidence and helping me to show a little more of who I am around here. I would really recommend trying this out if you like me are a bit camera shy.  

Lila in the Lens #myfamilylens
Lila in the lens

Top tips for putting your camera shy self in the shot

  1. Put on some clothes that you love, are comfortable in and can move freely in.
  2. Pop some happy upbeat music on, perhaps something tacky that will loosen you up, none will know that you went to Funky Town to get those happy snaps!
  3. If you don't have an awesome O-MD E-M10, get one.  Or in the meantime set a mirror up so you can see the line of how you're standing.
  4. Shoulders back and no slouching!  Seriously hold yourself like you love yourself.
  5. Try ALL the poses and take ALL the photos, it's digital people nothing to lose bar a few minutes pressing delete on the shots you're not fond of.
  6. Not quite getting the magic out of your shots? Try this article on the Art if the Crop via enJOY it.
  7. Still not loving it, pretend you're looking at someone else, would you be judging as harshly if it was your friend in the photo?
  8. Have fun!  Enjoy you while you can, you only have one chance at being you!

Little Moment - thirty four / 52

A little of what you don't see in the Little Veggie Kitchen posts each week.  One of the things about blogging, for me at least, is that the creating of content has to work around family life or rather in with it. And so there are many outtakes, recipe board set ups that have to be wiped down and re-shot. A hefty dose of begging for little hands and feet to be moved out of the shot, perhaps bribery with the food in question.

I won't lie some days it really stresses me out, because at that point I've spent days conceiving, creating and baking a recipe and I just want it shot and ready to move on to creating the post (each recipe takes about 8 hours from start to finish, sometimes more because I create my own).

But then there are other days where, my little cake bomber makes me laugh, with her funny in-shot poses and dances. Those times I remember the recipe can wait. That while I treat blogging like my job, in actual fact it isn't and it shouldn't be my first priority.  I shouldn't fret over letting my blog down, even though I would hate to disappoint those who choose to visit here regularly or even just once.

My real purpose, in these early years, is to make her feel safe, secure and wanted, not someone who is in the way.

Little Moment parenting

Do you divert yourself from feeling like your child is a distraction?

Little Veggie Kitchen - Surely you mocha me?

Have there been times in your life where people have attempted to get you to try foods and you've thought it was some kind of practical joke?  The first time I moved to Mildura there were a couple of foods like this, gravy and chips which is apparently normal but wasn't something I'd ever heard of. And another that a lot of people I know still haven't heard of and are missing out, ice-cream. on. toast.

I'm just going to let that sink in to those of you who haven't experienced it and are now giving me some serious side eye.  I was once where you are and I'm so glad I gave in and tried it. Hot buttered toast made from white bread and vanilla ice-cream, dripping off the edges of the toast and down your arm as you eat it, all crap for you but so so enjoyable.

Of course now that I'm dairy free and try to keep the processed foods away from our tummies I decided I better put a bit of a more wholesome spin on the idea for you. So here you have my almost grown up twist; toast made from freshly baked mocha bread, ready and waiting to be covered in Blueberry (dairy free) Ice-cream (recipe up next week).

Surely you mocha me? - Mocha Challah (served with Bloomin' Marvellous Ice-cream)

A Lila Wolff original

In a small bowl whisk yeast, 1 teaspoon of honey, and warm water.  Set aside and allow to foam.

While waiting put remaining honey, oil, 2 eggs and salt into mixing bowl and blend together.

Once yeast has foamed add to mixing bowl along with flour, mix together until dough comes together.

If kneading by hand turn on to lightly floured surface and knead for 8 minutes, otherwise use dough roller in mixing bowl for the same time.

Put in to a lightly oiled bowl and leave in a warm place to rise for 1 hour or until roughly doubled in size.

Divide dough in two and on a lightly floured surface roll each half out to a large rectangular shape.

Place raw cashew cream,* coffee and cocoa into a blender and pulse until well blended. 

Spread half of the cashew mix on each rectangle and then roll as you would for a swiss roll.

Gently stretch each roll until you get a length of rough 80-85cm each and cut them in half (so you now have four rolls).

Lay the rolls across each other in a tight hashtag shape and plait as in the gif below. For more detailed instructions click on the gif or here


Beat remaining egg and lightly coated braided challah, leave to rise for an additional hour.

While challah is rising preheat oven to 190c.

Once rising brush again with beaten egg and bake for 40 minutes, check part way through and if getting too dark cover with foil to avoid burning crust.


Best served: Sliced and lightly toasted, and spread with our Bloomin' marvellous blueberry ice-cream, recipe will be posted next week.

mocha challah with blueberry ice-cream

*to make raw cashew cream place 1 cup of raw cashews that have been soaked overnight into a blender with 1/3 cup of water and blend until smooth and creamy.

Click here for printable recipe

Little Veggie Kitchen is a place to link and share your recipes or kitchen tips and access others to build your collection. While we absolutely encourage vegetarian and vegan recipes in celebration of the Meat Free Monday movement all recipes are welcome.

As we have an allergic toddler our household is completely dairy & bovine product free,  if you prefer dairy products in your recipes simply swap out the non-dairy substitutes for your preferred dairy product.  Need help with substitution?  Send me an email and I'll do my best to get you sorted!

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Little Life - Springing forward

Spring seems to be starting here in splutters and fits, yesterday all signs of it disappeared with a rainy grey miserable day making a trip to the Farmer's Market and Vanilla Slice competition brief and not really enjoyable.  I'd planned on taking lots of photos yesterday but just couldn't get in the mood under the damp sky.

But still, today has brought back the pretty light and the promise of spring, with plants growing and blossoms, blossoming, trees full of buds fit to burst.

Fitting with the grey drudgery of initiating a big spring clean full of purging and deep cleaning, today everything is almost done, almost at that sparkling finished point, ready to bud into a house fresh and ready for a new season.

  1. Don't you just love the sheen on fresh local produce?
  2. You know as usual I have no idea what I'll make of these pretty finds.
  3. Another crop of the ever abundant and beautiful radishes.
  4. That pretty spring light peeking around the blinds and lighting up our room.
  5. The flowers have died off but these gorgeous leaves are still bringing life to my workspace.
  6. I couldn't resist putting this gorgeous face up, look at those eyes.

What's been happening in your space?

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Who you're really hurting when you're judgemental

who you're really hurting when you're judgemental

For a long part of my life I worshipped in the almighty bitch session, I glorified it as getting things off my chest, as a harmless vent at all the things that irritated me. I'm not going to lie, after each time spent dissecting what others do and the plethora of ways in which they annoyed me I felt good, briefly.

Because in outlining all the things that we're bad about them I made all the things that were good about me better, right?

Wrong, so so wrong. 

Which was why the relief from my disappointment in myself was so fleeting.

I've mentioned many times before my belief that you don't lift yourself up by dragging others down, it was a lesson that took many years for me to embrace.

Our judgement is clouded by the negative talk that pervades society and reinforces that women are ranked according to behaviour and beauty and that those exclusively are the extent of our value. We are trained to compete with each other and in competing to devalue each other. But what were not trained to see is that this competition is not a race to the top, it's a speedy descent to the bottom. This pulling apart of others is not just hurtful to them it's a roadblock to our own growth.

Dangerously, chipping away at others distracts us from working on ourselves. Our eyes looking outwards for faults is insecurity and fears' way of avoiding the much harder task of shining a light on our own darkness. By falling in to the trap of measuring ourselves by others' shortcomings we cheat ourselves out of the opportunity to grow into our most authentic self.

Still even knowing this it is hard to break away from the habit of breaking others down. 

Some Little Tips for letting go of judgement

  • Pause and remember that your thoughts or words won't change the situation you're disapproving of.
  • Are you seeing the whole picture? Or are you judging on a highlight or lowlight reel? Judgement shouldn't be passed on incomplete information.  
  • Place yourself in their situation, if you were there would you want criticism or empathy and support? 
  • Remember no matter what the appearance may be the person you're dragging down is a human being with feelings.  

And most importantly take time to examine

What is it in the situation that you can see yourself reflected unflatteringly in? Which of the things about you that you perceive to be a shortcoming are you trying to avoid by shifting the focus?

Challenge yourself to turn the focus inwards toward your own unhappiness and then forgive yourself, you're perfectly imperfect embrace you. 

Are you ready to stop damaging yourself and others? Let go of judgement.

Where to from here?

  1. Tell me how you're letting go of judgement in the comments below, or what you're struggling with.
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  3. Pop over here and see how looking after your whole self could be easier through Conscious Eating.


Don't forget (to check) your supplements

are your supplements vegan?

Did you know that many gel caps, even those labelled vegetarian contain gelatine?  It's an easily missed stumbling block in eliminating bovine products from your family's diet, as it is not listed on the label.  Try liquid supplements where necessary.